Food for Thought

Welcome to ‘Food For Thought’. Unlike other food programs you may know and love, we’re a little bit different. Each week we will be doing something to shine the spotlight on accessibility by learning what’s new in the design world to make restaurants and public spaces more accessible to those who are blind or low-vision, or living with other mobility restrictions. Who’s leading the charge by offering braille menus at their establishments? What cooking aids are available to make preparing food that little bit easier? Lets not forget food! We will be sharing our favourite food articles, some of our own recipes and from time to time interview people who are helping Australia’s blind and low-vision community get back into the kitchen to cook up a storm using emerging technologies that make preparing food a little easier. Bellissimo!

Darcy Luscombe Food For Thought program production assistant

Discussing accessibility in the food industry along with food related articles and recipes