John Sheridan

Given John started his radio/television career in sound effects with ABC Radio Drama in the late sixties, it’s ironic that in his retirement, he would find himself behind the microphone at Vision Australia Radio!

In between, John spent many happy years with ABC Television.   Along the way he was floor manager, spent some time with continuity/on-air presentation and in the mid-eighties found himself Head of ABC TV Promotions in Sydney for a few years.

Returning to Melbourne in 1991, he spent much time traveling the country helping ABC local radio promote itself on TV – radio was starting to get in his blood stream yet again.

During his time with ABC-TV, John enjoyed his involvement with Melbourne and Sydney’s arts scene.  Early in 2011, following a contact via VAR, John came over to help out with the arts program ‘Behind the Scenes’, and has been enjoying it ever since.

Behind the Scenes” goes to air on Monday at 9.00 pm, repeated Saturday at 6.10 pm (following the Blind Cricket Report).

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John Sheridan headshot, with headphones around his neck