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Vision Australia Radio presenter Peter Greco: Everyone has a story to tell

11 June 2021

June is Radiothon month, and Vision Australia Radio is shining a spotlight on some of our fabulous programs, along with stories of some of our volunteers and listeners

Radio volunteer Peter Greco believes everyone has a story to tell, and for the past 29 years he’s been ensuring those stories get told.  

Peter’s a well-known and highly respected presenter of three programs: Focal Point which covers news, events and activities from the blindness sector; sport and recreation program Leisure Link and the interview program Vision Extra.  

‘The programs give me great scope to talk about so many different issues. I cover anything from social justice and advocacy to art and entertainment.’

Producing and presenting three programs a week is a big commitment but Peter says it’s his love of radio that keeps him motivated.

‘Only another radio lover would understand why radio is so special, but I love it immediacy and it’s inclusivity,’ says Peter.

‘Radio, especially a community network like Vision Australia Radio, gives people a platform that mainstream media doesn’t, so they can tell their stories in their own words. Sometimes I speak with people whose disability affects their language skills so they give very short, sometimes one word answers but they’ve been thrilled to be on the show to talk about their Paralympic experience or come-and-try day involvement, whatever their story is.’

 ‘It reminds me not to take what I do for granted and that I’m in a privileged position.’

Stella Glorie recently caught up with Peter and you can hear the full interview via the Vision Australia radio podcast channel here.

You can also find information about Peter’s program on the Vision Australia Radio website here.

Behind the scenes at Vision Australia Radio with Peter Greco

June is Radiothon

From now until June 30, Vision Australia Radio is celebrating its essential radio reading service and asking for community support.

All donations of more than $2 before June 30 are tax deductible and will help keep an essential service for the blind and low vision community on air.

You can make a one-off tax-deductible donation of $2 or more by heading to the radio website here.  You can also set up regular monthly donations to support Vision Australia Radio.