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Happy Pants radio show and podcast just for kids

23 March 2022

Saturday mornings are now time to get your Happy Pants on as Vision Australia Radio’s new children’s radio program and podcast hits the airwaves.

Launching on April 2, the half-hour program promises to entertain and inspire children under 10, who are blind, have low vision or have any type of print disability.

It will include immersive stories, dance breaks and a chance to learn about animals. . At the same time, it’s aim is to support young listeners through their literacy and learning. 

Happy Pants presenter is children’s entertainer and actor, Callum. Callum loves nothing better than circus training, tending to his mini zoo of pets at his home and, of course entertaining children.

Let’s get to know Callum

Vision Australia Radio caught up with Callum to chat about the program. 

Q: Why do you think a show like Happy Pants is important and what makes it special?

A: The ability to access your community and the world at large is so important.  I want all children to feel empowered and look to a future where they can do anything regardless of ability.  By making a show for children as accessible as possible we make sure everyone feels included.

Q: What would you like children and their parents to learn or take away with them when they listen to Happy Pants?

A: I'd love it if at the end of a Happy Pants episode children and parents were feeling happy, energised and eager to go out and learn more about the world around them.

Q: How can children and their parents get involved in the program and give you suggestions and ideas for future programs?

A: I'd love to hear from my young listeners and their families and you can email me here [email protected]

Listening in to Happy Pants

Happy Pants can be heard at 10 o’clock every Saturday morning from April 2 via your local Vision Australia Radio service, or on demand via the Happy Pants podcast page

Want to know more?

Callum was recently a guest on Talking Vision. Listen to the interview here.