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    Vision Australia Radio Perth

    Perth 990AM and VA Radio on digital radio is the local radio service for the blind and low vision community of Western Australia.

Vision Australia Radio

The Vision Australia Radio Network incorporates ten community radio stations across Victoria, southern New South Wales, Adelaide and Perth and five digital radio services.

We offer a range of interesting and informative programs that feature readings from the latest newspapers, magazines and books.

Our exclusive specialist content includes programs on new technology, current affairs, book and film reviews, health and wellbeing, the arts, finance, travel and more.

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Talking Vision

Let 'Talking Vision' be your national radio reference on blindness and low vision. This weekly radio program features discussion of issues relating to blindness and low vision and stories of inspiration and achievement from people living with vision loss.

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Tune your radio to: 1179 AM

Meet our team

John Poke, Host of 'Pokey's Garden’

John Poke is presenter of 'Pokey’s Garden' every Friday afternoon at 3:30pm. He hopes to assist all listeners who are keen to have a go in the garden, by passing on the best hints and tips.

Meet our on-air team

Get involved

Paula Brown is a radio volunteer
Volunteer Paula Brown reads newspaper stories

Volunteers play an active role in virtually all aspects of our stations from researching and preparding programs, reading daily papers on-air, presenting special interest programs and operating studio equipment to providing administrative support and managing rosters.

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