On-air team

With such a large team, we can't tell you about everyone (and many of our volunteers like to stay out of the limelight) but to find out more about some of your favourite presenters and their programs, see below.

Nick Green

Host of "On this Day"

Nick Green has been hosting On This Day since September 2010.

Michael Hince

Host of "Heard it through the Grapevine and Table Talk"

Michael Hince is a former editor of The Epicurean magazine, restaurant reviewer and contributor to the Age, The Age Good Food Guide, the Weekly Times and the Herald Sun.

Stephen Jolley

Host of "Talking Tech"

Stephen Jolley volunteers with Vision Australia Radio. He presents the national weekly radio program ‘Talking Tech’ and was the former presenter of Talking Vision.

John Sheridan

Host of "Behind the Scenes"

John started his radio/television career in sound effects with ABC Radio Drama in the late sixties

John Poke

Host of "Pokey's Garden"

John describes himself as essentially a hobby gardener who appreciates there is always lots more to discover about our garden.

Tim McQueen

Host of "Cover to Cover"

Tim has been a volunteer with firstly the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind and later Vision Australia since 1997.

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