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MSY Technology support VAR Volunteers

29 November 2018

Vision Australia Radio relies on the generous support of our listeners, sponsors, and our vigilant and experienced volunteers. MSY Technology have shown their support by supplying 40 new computer monitors that will be part of a studio equipment upgrade across our regional radio stations in Victoria and also in Adelaide. These computer monitors will help support our 800 volunteers to present and produce the content you love to hear across our network and podcasts.

MSY Technology have been around for more than 20 years and understand why it’s important to support the needs of the volunteers making radio who in-turn support the blind and low-vision community. They continue to expand their extensive range of products and services, from the simple Mouse to that obscure cable, they have what you need!

MSY is proud to have the opportunity to help those in need by donating the mentioned LCD screens. “We believe that the whole community deserves a decent IT support no matter how they see the world.”

Conrad Browne Vision Australia Radio and Audio Services Manager explains, “Technology changes rapidly, and we all benefit from these advancements but they are most helpful to communities like our own audience of blind and low-vision people so its great to know that a company like MSY are willing to support our radio network and the volunteers who use computers each time they are with us”

With limited contact hours, our volunteers require all the support we can give them and they can only truly work together to produce great content with the best technology to write scripts, research news articles and upload our audio to podcast in order to share them with the community beyond our traditional broadcast boundaries.

Keep listening to Vision Australia Radio for more on this partnership and check out their range of products via their website via this link: - MSY also offer phone support via the following phone number, 03 9700 9771. For a full list of locations click on this link: