RPH protocols

1. Introduction

RPH Radio Reading Network provides a unique radio broadcast service that meets the needs of people with a print disability; people who through blindness, low vision, age, disability or lack of literacy skills are unable to read printed material.

2. RPH Programming

RPH Radio Reading Services are provided through:

a) Dedicated RPH Stations, and

b) RPH Programming broadcast on generalist community or other radio stations in blocks of at least one hour. These may be produced by the local station, an independent program producer or a dedicated RPH service, taking into account that Community Broadcasters are allowed up to five minutes of sponsorship announcements per hour. See RPH Standards for generalist stations in regional, rural and remote locations.

Radio programming comprises:

a) Reading of news and feature articles from daily and other general circulation newspapers

b) Subject based programs that feature readings in an identified topic area – from newspapers, magazines and other publications

c) Serialised books readings

d) Interviews, presentations and other features that relate to subjects that are of particular relevance to an audience with a print disability

The Authority for determination of programming as defined RPH material is RPH Australia

3. RPH Broadcasting/programming criteria

a) For programming/broadcasting to be considered ‘RPH’ the following criteria must be adhered to:

The ‘core RPH programming period’ is a 16 hour period between the hours of 6:00am and midnight. At least 75% of material broadcast during the core period will comprise defined RPH material considered across an average weekly broadcasting period

Material such as sponsorship announcements, music (except program themes) and other items not specific to the needs of people with a print disability will not be included when calculating ‘RPH time’.

b) All printed items utilised will be read in full. Material will be presented with appropriate identification of: the publication, edition, date of publication, page number and authors name. In no circumstance will the text be varied, or any editorial comment offered in relation to an item.

c) RPH Australia provides information below to assist RPH readers to apply the requirement of Point b)

- The requirement that a published item is read in full and that the text is not varied is not infringed where a reader finds it necessary to vary text of an item to deal with obvious printing or grammatical errors, or

- The reader is compelled to abbreviate an article when reading up to the end time of a program or program segment, or

- Readers are expected to apply the requirements and permissions to depart from those requirements using judgement and common sense and with consideration for the listeners who are dependent on them for access to information they are providing

d) RPH program makers and broadcasters will engage in a process of ongoing consultation in relation to programming with

- Print disabled listeners to the service

- Organisations of people with a print disability

- Organisations that provide services to people with a print disability

e) The Corporate Structures of dedicated RPH licensees will ensure participation in the planning and delivery of the service by people with a print disability, as appropriate having regard to the spirit of the Broadcasting Act to involve the community of interest

f) RPH program makers and broadcasters will ensure the organisations of, or providing services to people with a print disability have adequate access to RPH program time. However, the licence holder will retain the right to ensure that all material broadcast is in conformance with quality, legislative and legal requirements

g) RPH program makers and broadcasters will commit themselves to the application of both the spirit and specific obligations expressed din the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice

4. Standards

a) Compliance with the Criteria for RPH Programming/Broadcasting will serve as a demonstration of the bona fides of an RPH program maker or broadcaster for the purposed of funding, licensing and membership of RPH Australia.

The determining Authority for all matters of standards in relation to this Protocol will be RPH Australia.

RPH Australia Protocol

Reviewed 18 July 2019

Final version for circulation 7 August 2019