Radio news

12 July 2019
This week on Behind the Scenes, host Chris Thompson commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. He chats to a series of directors, musicians and other personalities in the performing arts to see what they've got in store to mark the occasion. That's all this week on Behind the Scenes with Chris Thompson, on Vision Australia Radio.
01 July 2019
World-renowned immunologist, Sir Gustav Nossal, has been a generous benefactor to Vision Australia, giving to the organisation for over 20 years. Vision Australia Radio’s Jason Gipps and Samantha Guttridge were lucky enough to sit down with Sir Gustav last year to chat about how his generosity and charitable nature were instilled in him from an early age.
01 July 2019
it's the first show of the month, so that means a visit from Theatre Network Australia. Chris will also chat about the latest stage offerings in the horror genre, before brightening up the show with a preview of the Leaps and Bounds Festival on in Melbourne this month. Be sure to catch all this and more on tonight's episode of Behind the Scenes with Chris Thompson, right here on Vision Australia Radio.
24 June 2019
Vision Australia is conducting a short survey of listeners who are blind, have low vision or who have a print disability about our radio services around the country. We want to understand what Vision Australia Radio brings to you, and get your feedback about programs and more.
25 June 2019
Love food? Enjoy cooking? If the answer to either of those is yes, you’ll love our new weekly food program, Food For Thought. Hosted by foodie Joy Nuske, who is blind, Food For Thought is a show for food lovers, featuring recipes, restaurant reviews, interviews and more from the culinary world. Food For Thought airs every Saturday night at 8pm Adelaide time, and 8:30pm in Perth and across Victoria.
20 June 2019
People who are blind or have low vision rely on audio media such as radio to access the news and information so readily available to sighted people. Owen Jones from Albury is one of these people, and for him and countless others in his position services such as Vision Australia Radio are crucial.
19 June 2019
Radio for the Print Handicapped Australia (RPHA), which includes the Vision Australia Radio Network, has launched a range of reading resources for community stations and volunteers to help produce diverse local programming.
07 June 2019
On this week's episode of 'Behind the Scenes', Chris picks up where he left off last week talking about the Woven Song Embassy Tapestry Project, checks out the diverse art exhibitions on display currently in Melbourne, celebrates the golden days of Hollywood with 'Puttin' on the Ritz' director Graham MacDuff, and wraps up with his fortnightly movie reviews. That's all this week on 'Behind the Scenes' with Chris Thompson, here on Vision Australia Radio.
07 June 2019
More young people are choosing to lend their time and skills to Vision Australia Radio Mildura, helping to grow the station's workforce and listenership.
07 June 2019
Vision Australia Radio graduate Sam Colley gives us an insight into what he does at Vision Australia Radio, where he came from to get here, his ambitions for the coming months and why Vision Australia Radio means so much to him.