Radio news

11 June 2021
Melbourne based bodybuilder Jason Whiter and American Paralympian Tyler Merren speak to the Nothing’s Off Limits podcast about maintaining their fitness.
30 April 2021
It was a special edition of Talking Vision last week, as April 28 was International Guide Dog Day. To celebrate the day we had a pair of young dog guide owners on the show to talk about how their dogs have changed their lives for the better, opening up new possibilities for their mobility and independence.
29 April 2021
People with disability can contact the Disability Gateway to get free, fact-checked and private information and advice about COVID-19.
14 April 2021
At no time in recent history has the power to communicate by voice, been more important. With International and National borders closed to travel, our ability to remain connected has relied even more heavily on long distant communication like video or telephone calls.

But let’s stop for a moment to think - how would this be possible without the magic of the human voice? This is the challenge faced every day by people living with chronic Dysphonia. Simply put – the term ‘dysphonia’ means ‘difficulty making voice sounds’ .
19 April 2021
Alongside the launch of new program guides across the Vision Australia Radio (VAR) Network on Monday April 12, we’re also pleased to announce that we have recently upgraded our online streaming services and now have eight VAR stations streaming online – Albury, Adelaide, Bendigo, Darwin, Geelong, Melbourne, Perth and Shepparton.
19 April 2021
From Monday April 12, Vision Australia Radio (VAR) is launching revised on-air program guides across the VAR network. Many of your favourite programs are returning alongside some new local and national shows to continue to keep you informed and entertained.
04 March 2021
After almost six years Vision Australia Radio’s flagship program Talking Vision is set to have a new voice bringing the latest from the blind and low vision community to listeners.
04 March 2021
For our partnership this year, Vision Australia is audio describing three of the livestreamed runways to make them accessible for people who are blind and how low vision (and because it’s streamed, it’s available nationally!)
18 February 2021
Tennis Australia, Monash University and AKQA have launched Action Audio, an online audio stream designed to make the Australian Open broadcasts accessible for almost 600,000 Australians and 285 million people living with blindness or low vision.
09 February 2021
The Australian Open is back for 2021. Once again our valued audience right across Australia will be able to hear the action in partnership with AO Radio, as we simulcast the tournament from now until February 21.