Radio news

24 August 2021
The CBAA and RPH Australia (RPHA) have extended their agreement to work collaboratively until at least 30 June 2024 to benefit the Radio Reading Network and Vision Australia Radio Network. Under the agreement extension, CBAA and RPHA will continue to be co-managed by, CBAA CEO, Jon Bisset, but will remain governed by two separate boards of directors in order to preserve the uniqueness of the Network’s programs and services.
24 June 2021
This week on Talking Vision host Sam Colley speaks to Maria Markou, the Telelink Programs Coordinator at Vision Australia who organised the impressive line-up to get a sneak peek at the event.
17 June 2021
When Francois Jacobs moved to Australia from South Africa six years ago he faced three major challenges. Making friends, finding a job and navigating a brand-new country as someone who has been blind since birth. He said one of the key things that helped him along the way was a simple friendly and helpful voice coming from his radio every single day.
11 June 2021
Radio volunteer Peter Greco believes everyone has a story to tell, and for the past 29 years he’s been ensuring those stories get told.  
03 June 2021
If you've tuned into VAR, you'll probably be familiar with his voice but now it's time to find out about the man behind the microphone; his volunteer journey and why he loves his role!
26 May 2021
Vision Australia Radio is proud to be assisting in the promotion of the Dog Guide Handlers Australia - DGHA Conference 2021 Online.
26 May 2021
Each year it costs more than $2 million, including unavoidable transmission costs of more than $750,000, to keep Vision Australia Radio broadcasting to our 700,000 monthly listeners. From now until June 30, we’re celebrating our essential radio reading service and asking our listeners, friends and family to support us.
11 June 2021
Speaking to hosts Polly Goodwin and Tess Herbert, Vision Australia occupational therapist Amy Matthews said new innovations in period care has made taking care of menstruation a lot easier for those with vision conditions.
11 June 2021
Mental health is the topic of episode three of Vision Australia Radio’s podcast Nothing’s off Limits. Speaking to hosts Polly Goodwin and Tess Herbert, Courtney said many people with a vision condition or disability carry their grief with them every day.
18 May 2021
The Vision Australia Feelix Library is participating in the annual National Simultaneous Storytime, May 19, a colourful, vibrant and fun event which aims to promote the value of reading and literacy using an Australian children's book.