Radio news

24 February 2020
Tim Ferguson is one of Australia's most accomplished comedians. He has battled Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 30 years
20 February 2020
Trains, Planes & Automobiles presenters Michael and John recently had the pleasure of welcoming PTV Spokesperson Georgia Main into the Vision Australia Radio studios of Kooyong to speak about Victoria's Big Build.
13 February 2020
Vision Australia Radio have announced the launch of a new national show that will be broadcast across its network of ten radio stations from February 2020.
06 February 2020
There’s good news today for our listeners across Gippsland, daily local newspaper readings have found new homes thanks to an agreement made possible with local community radio services.
06 February 2020
John Leigh Frew Wightman commenced volunteering with what was then 5RPH radio in February 1990, this February John would have clocked up 30 years volunteering.
30 January 2020
The following article and podcast content was supplied and produced by Carey Scheer for JFA Purple Orange, a social profit organisation on a mission to create a world where people who live with disability have a fair go at what life has to offer. The organisation listens to, learns from and works alongside people who live with disability to develop policy and practice that makes a difference. Keep listening to Vision Australia Radio for more to come on this great organisation.
28 January 2020
Vision Australia Radio currently requires a new volunteer technical operator for our live sports radio program. Technical operators are also required for a range of pre-recorded programs across 2020.
28 January 2020
In this podcast interview which was originally featured on our Behind the Scenes program on January 27, presenter Chris Thompson meets the author of a unique and remarkable book with the provocative title – Blindness for Beginners. Maribel Steel knows firsthand how challenging the experience of losing sight can be, but rather than be overwhelmed by it, she’s channelled her experience into a book that’s part memoir, part ‘how to’ and part inspiration. Maribel is the first guest on the show for 2020.
28 January 2020
In this podcast interview highlight which was originally featured on our Talking Vision podcast feed, Stella Glory speaks to comedian Tom Skelton ten years on from losing most of his sight. Tom Skelton looks back at a decade of being blind and wonders what might have been had he not lost his sight.
23 January 2020
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