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Pride in Queer Festival Partnership

11 January 2024

A partnership with a premier arts event has highlighted Vision Australia Radio’s pride and forward-thinking recognition to its diverse listenership.

The network has signed on as the Melbourne-based queer arts festival, Midsumma, Inclusion and Access Partner to offer greater accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision.

The 22-day event attracts an audience of around 120,000 making it an integral part of the queer community calendar. The festival features arts and entertainment events around fringe and mainstream queer culture, involving local, interstate, and
international artists.

The station has produced an audio version of the festival’s program and will promote audio described shows and related tactile tours in the lead up to and during the festival. This will allow people who are blind or have low vision to plan their
Midsumma experience.

It will also host an outside broadcast on the opening day of the festival precinct, on January 21.


Celebrating intersection

The network’s Community Partnerships Coordinator, Jason Gipps said the partnership was in step with recent listener survey data.

Gipps said that data showed that 27 per cent on the network’s audience identified as being part of the diverse LGBTQIA+ community

“The partnership ensures Vision Australia Radio supports the needs of our dedicated listeners and the community we represent,” Gipps said.

“It recognises and celebrates the intersection of queerness and blindness and all disability communities. We’re proud of this wonderful branding opportunity."


How to Listen to Vision Australia Radio’s Carnival Day Broadcast



Sunday 21 January.





  • 10 am til 1 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time and later via podcast. Talking Vision will also present a highlights package Wednesday 24 January and also via podcast.


Click here to access the program guide in audio format



Behind the Scenes presenter Chris Thompson catches up with Midsumma's Artist Development Manager, Harriet Devlin and Community Ambassador, Karan Nagrani. Listen here.

Follow Vision Australia Radio on Facebook and keep up to date on all things Midsumma across January and February, and remember to tune in to your local Vision Australia Radio service, by finding your nearest broadcast service at Radio has signed off on a partnership with Midsumma Festival, designed to promote the festival to our audience, and also make the fest more accessible to our community.