Radio news

08 May 2020
Are you on the NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme? You may benefit from new support around low cost assistive technology & fitness equipment.
08 May 2020
As a community broadcasting service for the blind, low vision and print disabled communities, we are committed to continuing to provide access to information and our specialised programming across the VAR network in line with the strict guidelines outlined by the authorities to minimise the impact of the virus on our volunteers and staff.
30 April 2020
Harriet Smith, a food blogger dedicated to blind members of the community who love to cook and wish to grow their skills, recently shared the motivation behind the blog and why she is passionate about the cause.
24 April 2020
The Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic (MDC), Australia’s largest breast cancer fundraiser, is excited to announce a new collaboration with Vision Australia Radio (VAR) as our digital community broadcaster to celebrate this iconic event on Mother’s Day.
23 April 2020
In a new partnership with Lifeline Australia, Vision Australia Radio (VAR) is airing episodes of the podcast series Holding on to Hope across its radio network.
02 April 2020
Metro Trains are advising Vision Australia Radio listeners in Melbourne that buses are to replace trains on the Glen Waverley Line from 9pm Friday 3 April to Sunday 12 April.
27 March 2020
Vision Australia Radio (VAR) continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and will continue to follow directions from all levels of government to support efforts to slow the spread of the virus.
24 March 2020
The world has become a strange and, at times, unrecognisable place since the airing of last weeks program. Then, our Behind the Scenes program had a jam-packed schedule of comedy festival shows, the final weeks of Asia-TOPA, new exhibitions, the opening of Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios, music events, writers from Clunes Booktown Festival and more Now? They’re all on hold until we navigate our way through the uncertain landscape of Covid-19 and back to a flourishing arts and culture scene. When will that be you ask, well none of us really know.
12 March 2020
March 8 to 14 is World Glaucoma Week and host Matthew Layton focusses his attention on this eye condition which affects approximately 300,000 Australians. Matthew chats with Kirk Pengilly of INXS and meets former chef and now children’s author Jen Gierens.
06 March 2020
Vicki is joined by guests Emma Bennison, CEO of Blind Citizens Australia, and Caren Burns from the Vision Australia Library to discuss the challenges and experiences unique to being a woman who is blind or has low vision.