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Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century

03 September 2021

Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century’ is an award-winning multimedia health and lifestyle program for, by and about older Australians.


Hosted by Australia Ageing Ambassadors Lex Marinos and Patricia ‘Little Pattie’ Amphlett, BBG is a fun, cheeky and celebratory look at ageing in Australia, to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Each week the program explores a theme related to ageing in Australia, with Lex and Patricia speaking first with an expert, and then three older Australians chat about all this in ‘Jeff’s Café’.

The program then takes a stroll down the street into ‘Nostalgia Town’, where the team speak with well-known older Australians about the path that brought them to where they are today. Each episode finishes with a segment called ‘Your 2 Cents Worth’, where the presenters speak with a specialist about finances as they relate to older Australians.

Tune in to ‘Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century’ Saturdays 8:00pm across NT, WA and VIC VA Radio services and Sunday nights at 8:30pm in SA. Alternatively you can visit, or subscribe to the podcast via Google, Apple or Spotify.

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