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Healthy eating on a budget, with Harriet Smith

30 April 2020

Harriet Smith is a blogger and presents the website, a food blog dedication to blind members of the community who love to cook and wish to grow their skills.

Harriet recently spoke to Vision Australia Radio program 'Food For Thought' to share the motivation behind the blog and why she is passionate about the cause. 

Listen to presenter Joy Nuske interview Harriet Smith in this Vision Australia Radio podcast:

Harriet also supplied Vision Australia Radio an article to give you a taste on what to expect if you are to visit her website. You can read more below.

Broad arrangement of food

Harriet Smith 

During this current time period where we are all being advised to stay at home, it is still possible to eat healthy meals on a budget. You don't even need to go shopping: healthy meals can be cooked by using the ingredients in your store cupboard. Here are some examples of how using the bare essentials can go a long way to keeping you fit and well. 

If you love pasta, this can be a fantastic meal in itself. It can be very tasty simply tossed in butter and you can add mayonnaise and put a sprinkling of grated cheese on top. For extra flavour, you can also add tinned tuna or tinned tomatoes and mix it all together. Try cooking some vegetables in with the pasta in the same saucepan, it saves on washing up! 

Eggs are a wonderful source of food and protein. If you find it hard to break eggs, you can try boiling some in their shells which works best for me. Boil the egg in a saucepan of simmering water for about five minutes for a soft yolk and approximately eight minutes for a hard-boiled egg. If they are hard boiled, it's easy to tip them out into the sink full of cold water and then let them cool slightly before handling them. When it's cool enough give the egg a gentle bash on the work surface and then peel it, I particularly enjoy that part! When peeling, I put all the shell on a piece of kitchen roll so that it's easier to clear it up afterwards. Once peeled, mash the egg with a fork in a deep bowl, add plenty of mayonnaise and dollop it on to wholemeal bread or toast, delicious!   

The classic baked beans on toast makes a brilliant nutritious meal. I use a ring pull lever, available from RNIB, to open the tin of baked beans. Once opened, spoon the baked beans into a bowl and warm them in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Remember to put a lid on (such as a small plate or saucer) to prevent them bursting and creating an unnecessary mess in the microwave! My favourite way to have them is spooned on to wholemeal toast and it's even better with some cheese on top! 

I hope this article has given you some good ideas and inspired you to be creative with the food you already have. If you have any simple cheap meal suggestions of your own, please share them!

Visit Harriet’s website here