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Festival partnership with Vision Australia Radio underpins diversity

27 June 2023

The partnership between Vision Australia Radio and the Melbourne Writers Festival continued this year with the broadcasting of high-profile author interviews, social media interactions and the ongoing accessible program formatting.

Melbourne Writers Festival marketing and communications manager, Emma Walsh, said the partnership with Vision Australia Radio underpins the Festival’s core activity.

“The Festival believes in putting on conversations that are thrilling, inspiring and challenging. However, a conversation can only be as good as the people who are engaged in it.”

“In order to have these types of conversations the audience needs to be truly diverse: one that has different experiences and perspectives. Vision Australia Radio really understands and helps the Festival to do this.”

Audio guide

Including and engaging with a diverse audience takes a multi-level approach. For the last number of years Vision Australia Radio has produced the Festival’s program in audio.

“It’s important to get the audio version of the program out as soon as possible as it’s the main way people learn who’s going to be on, what tickets to get, understand the schedule and how to map their visit out.”

“If we only have that in one printed format we’re not doing our best to engage everyone with the program to allow everyone to access the festival.”

“Each year is an opportunity to improve the festival’s level of accessibility. Partnering with an organisation like Vision Australia assists us in getting our program out and attracting a different audience.”

Working with Vision Australia Radio

Emma describes working with Vision Australia Radio and National Audio Business Development Consultant, Jason Gipps, as a “dream”.

“Jason has a relaxed enthusiasm. We really value his knowledgeable advice, recommendations and overall input he puts into our bid for a fully accessible festival.”

Jason says the radio partnership with the festival show Vision Australia’s services in action.

“Vision Australia Radio’s partnering with the Melbourne Writers Festival allows us to support our community to be actively involved in the broader community, bigger cultural conversations and life in general.”

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