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Nothing’s off limits in new Vision Australia audio series

29 January 2021

Vision Australia is developing ‘Nothing’s Off Limits’, a podcast series where experts and people with lived experience sit down and discuss topics we love to avoid but absolutely need to talk about.

We’ll be discussing the subjects which can feel too awkward or embarrassing to talk about in a straightforward and open way. The things we feel are ‘off limits’.

Rather than skirt around these topics, things like mental health, dating, personal care, safety, nutrition, periods, disclosure and identity, we’ll address them head-on.

We know from surveying our community that people want to know about these very topics.

And, as the name suggests, nothing will be off limits.

Do you have a burning question?

We’ve already heard from you about what topics you want us to cover. Now we want to hear the specific questions you’d like us to discuss for each episode.

If you have any questions about any of the following topics that you would like us to explore in this series, please drop us a line on [email protected]

Topics we’re exploring include:

  • Mental health
  • Staying safe inside and outside the home and situational awareness
  • Wellbeing, nutrition and exercise
  • Personal hygiene and grooming, using public facilities and other spaces, period management
  • Healthy (and unhealthy) relationships
  • Appearance and body image
  • Adult entertainment, services and products
  • Dating
  • Identity, community, fitting in standing out, disclosure
  • Not blind enough? Low vision-specific experiences.

Spread the word

Please spread the word to your friends and families and bookmark this website for updates and links to the podcasts once they’re ready to download.

Where to listen

Episodes will broadcast on Vision Australia Radio then available for download to listen when and where suits you.