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This week on Talking Vision: New mobile game for users who are blind or have low vision

29 June 2022

Talking Vision is Vision Australia Radio’s flagship program, discussing the latest news and issues from a blindness and low vision perspective.

On this week’s episode, host Sam Colley speaks with Jana and Milos from Kikiriki Games, the developers of a new mobile game for iPhone and Android called To The Dragon Cave.

To The Dragon Cave is a completely audio-based fantasy game with no visual stimulus, controlled through a series of swipes on the phone. The player reacts to the world around them by listening for the direction where the sounds are coming from.

Milos spoke about the motivation behind creating To The Dragon Cave, starting from discussions with his wife Jana who is totally blind but has always been a keen gamer.

“Jana started to give me ideas about what we could do, not only the sort of game she’d like to play but something that’s from both of us to the blind and low vision community that everyone could enjoy,” Milos said.

Jana and Milos were sure to keep in regular contact with members of the blind and low vision community in the Czech city of Brno when creating the game, to ensure that it remained accessible from start to finish.

“When making the game we consulted with other blind people we knew, like our friends or other people who were interested in audio games, so the feedback was not only from me but also from other blind people in our community,” Jana said.

Listen to the full interview here or in the player below:

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