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Vision Australia Radio partners with Lifeline to raise mental health awareness

16 July 2020

Vision Australia Radio has partnered with Lifeline to help and encourage people to explore what mental health support services are available to them.

As part of Victoria re-entering COVID-19 lockdowns, Vision Australia Radio has begun to air episodes of Lifeline’s Holding onto Hope podcast.

Holding onto Hope features people discussing their lived experiences around topics such as coming-out, gender transitioning, surviving bushfires and tackling depression.

It’s hoped sharing these stories will encourage people experiencing similar situations, or family and loved ones who are supporting them, to reach out to services such as Lifeline for help.

Vision Australia Radio national audio business development consultant, Jason Gipps, recently caught up with Talking Vision’s Stella Glorie and said the network is proud to bring Holding onto Hope’s message to more listeners.

“Vision Australia Radio’s airing of Lifeline’s Holding onto Hope podcast series has been well received by our listeners. There has been a great appreciation for those featured and the personal stories they have shared,” Jason said.

“If the first lockdown earlier this year taught us anything, it’s that we are a resilient bunch. We will get through this together and Lifeline is there for us when we need them most,” he said.

“Rest assured that Vision Australia Radio will continue to broadcast through this new stay at home period and we will continue to bring you informative, uplifting and entertaining content from morning to night.”

Lifeline Australia chairman John Brogden said the impact of COVID-19 related lockdowns is evident after Lifeline experienced a 22% increase in calls originating from Victoria in the days following the re-introduction of lockdowns.

“My message to Victorians is please don’t suffer in silence,” John said.

“It’s critical that people understand they can access services like Lifeline if and when they need to. Lifeline has been working with the Victorian Department of Health to ensure the community is aware that Lifeline’s services are available to them 24 hours a day,” he said.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Victoria. Lockdown means many of the important opportunities for people to connect with each other and do things they enjoy are being stopped. For someone who is already struggling, this can be a huge blow.”

Lifeline Australia and Vision Australia Radio are grateful to all Holding onto Hope participants for choosing to share their personal lived experience openly and courageously in order to offer hope and inspiration to others.

Please note that suicide and its contributing factors are discussed in this series and may have a triggering effect.

If you experience emotional distress as a result of listening, please reach out to someone you trust and/or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 at any time. If life is in danger, please call 000.

Learn more about the podcast series and access the audio now by visiting the Lifeline website.