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Vision Australia Radio profile: Vicki Couzens

15 August 2019

Vision Australia Radio Adelaide volunteer Vicki in the studio with her guide dog Bella

Vicki Couzens is making Vision Australia Radio history with her new weekly show broadcast from our Adelaide studios at 6.30pm (ACST) each Saturday.

Every week, Vicki presents readings from the Australian Geographic Magazine. Vicki  reads all the content from her braille copy of the magazine, in what is a Vision Australia Radio first.

Vicki joined Vision Australia Radio in July 2019 and is thrilled to attend the station on a weekly basis to pre-record her Australian Geographic program. Vicki’s show is a new one for Vision Australia Radio in Adelaide and brings a fresh new genre to our programming.

Guide dog Bella wearing headphones in the Vision Australia Radio Adelaide studios

Vicki wanted to provide her guide dog Bella with some new experiences and Bella has settled in well to her new environment at the radio station. Vicki and Bella are a very welcome addition to the wonderful group of volunteers in Adelaide.

“As you can imagine the various programs on Vision Australia Radio attracted me and I constantly am learning things about the world around us. They also inspired me to approach the station and offer my services. As I love reading out loud, it seemed this could be the next step,” Vicki said

For Vicki, joining Vision Australia Radio in Adelaide and reading on air is just another chance for her to continue working with braille, a format that she loves.

Early in her career she worked in quality control at the Royal Society for the Blind SA (RSB) braille library, an organisation committed to producing accessible literature for people  who are blind or have low vision.

Vicki in the studio with Bella using her new Focus Blue 40 braille reader

“Throughout school I loved reading and learning, so it seemed very appropriate to get my first job working in the RSB braille library. I issued and returned borrowers’ material, as well as proof read new titles,” Vicki said.

Vicki later worked as a braille transcriber for the RSB Print Alternatives program, enabling university students who are blind or have low vision to access material for their courses.

“When RSB Print Alternatives started I was seconded there to transcribe tertiary course material into braille for vision impaired university students. I was also responsible for proof reading mine, as well as two other people’s work,” she said.

Listen in every Saturday at 6:30pm (ACST) for readings from the Australian Geographic Magazine, proudly sponsored by Quantum. For over 30 years, Quantum has been providing products and services to people with a print disability. For more details, call 1300 883 853, or visit

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