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Vision Australia Radio's White Cane Day Concert 2020

15 October 2020

International White Cane Day was this year bigger than ever, with big name artists from across the globe coming together for a special concert to mark the day.

Vision Australia Radio’s White Cane Day Concert featured performances from artists such as The Wiggles, American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre, America’s Got Talent winner Kodi Lee, The Voice Australia alumni Racheal Leahcar, two time Grammy winner Dianne Schuur and many more.


Kodi Lee performs at the piano. Text reads: Vision Australia Radio logo. White Cane Day 2020 Concert October 15 2020


The Vision Australia White Cane Day Concert was today broadcast across the Vision Australia Radio network from 11am-2pm. It was well received by listeners nationwide and those who follow both Vision Australia and Vision Australia Radio on Facebook and Twitter, as performances from participating artists appeared across our social media platforms.

Listen to or download:

Hour 1:

Listen or download White Cane Day Concert 2020 Hour 1 here.

Hour 2:

Listen or download White Cane Day Concert 2020 Hour 2 here.

Hour 3:

Listen or download White Cane Day Concert 2020 Hour 3 here.

Prior to the event Jordan Ashby, Vision Australia volunteer partnerships coordinator, said Vision Australia was committed to finding a way to celebrate International White Cane Day in the current COVID climate.

“White Cane Day is a huge day for the blind and low vision community, not only in Australia, but across the world. COVID-19 means we can’t hold events as we would usually, so we’ve decided to move to a broadcast concert that people can take part in and enjoy, no matter where they are,” Jordan said.

“With the support of Duncan Steward from Platinum Cre8ive we have been fortunate to secure this amazing line-up of talented performers from across the globe; who have all donated their performances and time to this concert. Either because of lived experience with the white cane or once we explained what White Cane Day and the concert was all about, people couldn’t wait to get involved,” he said.


Photo of Shayy Winn with text: Vision Australia Radio logo. White Cane Day 2020 Concert October 15 2020


Jason Gipps, Vision Australia Radio community partnerships coordinator, said the event was a huge success.

“It’s been a big few weeks to get to this day, our audio team worked around the clock to compile an incredible array of performances, messages of support and stories of lived experience which all came together in 180 minutes of incredible radio. From the initial work Jordan Ashby put in contacting potential performers, the support of Duncan Steward from Platinum Cre8ive, to the hours of post-production from our team member Shane Kendall (and myself), the coordination efforts of Conrad Browne (Manager Vision Australia Radio and Audio Services), the support of our wonderful marketing and communications team (Sam Colley, Matt Collins, Phil McCarroll, Jamila Savoy) and our programing team across the country (Mark Ridoutt, Nick Thompson, Pam Green) the day went off without a hitch.”


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The Vision Australia Radio White Cane Day 2020 concert was made possible by our broadcast sponsor Omnia: developer of the new Omni-sense White Cane Tip.

Find out more by visiting their website: