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More ways to listen to VA Radio

12 April 2021

Vision Australia Radio manager Conrad Browne speaks about our programing changes and new streaming services on a recent episode of ‘Talking Vision’.

Alongside the launch of new program guides across the Vision Australia Radio (VAR) Network on Monday April 12, we’re also pleased to announce that we have recently upgraded our online streaming services and now have eight VAR stations streaming online – Albury, Adelaide, Bendigo, Darwin, Geelong, Melbourne, Perth and Shepparton.

When you visit the home page on the VAR website you will see a drop down menu on the right hand side of the home page with each of the VAR services featured.

Listen Live box from VAR website, showing "Location" dropdown

When you select a location you can then click on the ‘Listen Live’ button which will take you to the page hosting the online stream for each VAR service.

VAR Website listen live box, with full dropdown list expanded showing all radio stations on VAR network.

Please note that the Darwin, Mildura, Warragul and Warrnambool services are simulcasting other VAR services locally and are linked to one of the existing streams listed above.

You can also use your voice activated home speaker to listen to either VAR in Melbourne or Adelaide; just ask them to play ‘Vision Australia Radio’ and you’ll be prompted to choose either of these stations or it will commence immediately based on your location.

Google home products

The updates to our web streaming services are an exciting development and will allow for you and listeners across Australia and the world to access our fantastic radio services live on the device of your choice so please feel free to share the following links with your family, friends and networks to help us spread the word.

There are so many more new and returning shows going to air across VAR from April 12, to learn more about our exciting programing changes head to our homepage and click on the ‘*New Program Guides launch across VA Radio’ link. Drop us a line to let us know what you’re enjoying, what you’d like to hear or if you’d like to get involved: *Contact Us

We thank you for your continued support of Vision Australia Radio, an essential service for people with a print disability. Not a supporter? Learn how.

Talking Vision host Sam Colley in the studio