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New radio program ‘Studio 1’ shares stories of those who are blind or have low vision.

06 February 2020
Matthew in the studio

Vision Australia Radio have announced the launch of a new national show that will be broadcast across its network of ten radio stations from February 2020.

Every week “Studio 1” will look at life in Australia from a low vision and blind point of view.

The show will be presented by Matthew Layton, a Brit with over 20 years under his belt in UK radio, who has lived with low vision since birth.

“I’m really excited. Vision Australia have given me my dream job: to get the voices of as many blind and low vision people on the radio as possible. My mission is to get people to tell their stories in their own way – as fully rounded humans with emotions, passions and even, shock horror, every now and again, a sense of humour” Matthew explained.

“Topics we’re aiming to cover in the first couple of months include the bushfire crisis, commuting, the challenges facing young veterans and mental health issues that can arise from or be augmented by a visual impairment. We also have shows in the works called ‘How much can YOU see?’ and ‘Where’s my ****ing autonomous car?’

If you feel you have something to contribute to any of these shows or feel there is something we need to be talking about, please get in touch either via twitter @varadionetwork or by email”

Studio 1 hits the airwaves in February on Vision Australia Radio, VA Radio Digital and on demand or as a podcast at