On-air team

With such a large team, we can't tell you about everyone (and many of our volunteers like to stay out of the limelight) but to find out more about some of your favourite presenters and their programs, see below.
Seeing Eye Dogs Show presenter Harriet Moffat with a Seeing Eye Dog in harness just outside Vision Australia Radio studios
Seeing Eye Dogs Show
I started off at Vision Australia as a kennels volunteer, then from there started foster caring and have now moved onto puppy caring, having been a carer coming up to 3 years now. You can tune into the Seeing Eye Dogs Show on Mondays at 4.30pm.
Chris Thompson
Behind the Scenes
A former secondary school teacher, Chris Thompson is a multi-award-winning screenwriter and playwright, director, artistic director and arts educator working in theatre, film and television.
Vicki Couzens with her dog guide Bella in the VAR Adelaide studios
Australian Geographic Magazine
Every week, Vicki Couzens presents readings from the Australian Geographic Magazine. Vicki reads all the content from her braille copy of the magazine, in what is a Vision Australia Radio first.
Tim McQueen
Cover to Cover
Tim has been a volunteer with firstly the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind and later Vision Australia since 1997.
Stephen Jolley interviewing a guest on the radio
Talking Tech
Stephen Jolley volunteers with Vision Australia Radio. He presents the national weekly radio program ‘Talking Tech’ and was the former presenter of Talking Vision.