Get Krack!n: the Audio Deskribed podcasts

Can you believe it, the world's earliest morning TV show is still on air! And no-one is more surprised and fatigued by this fact than the show’s hosts, "trained" "actor" Kate McLennan and “personality-challenged” Kate McCartney.

In collaboration with the producers of the show, Vision Australia Radio will be airing the entire season Audio Described right across our radio network on VAR digital, streaming online via our homepage and on your local Vision Australia Radio station - Wednesdays at 9.30pm in Melbourne, Victoria and Perth and 10.30pm in Adelaide. All episodes will also be available via podcast at, on Podbean and iTunes.

Get Krack!n, Audio Described……..but not as you know it.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description provides people who are blind or who have low vision with an understanding of the visual aspects of a stage play, live music event or television program.

Audio Description is delivered live in theatre or music events, transmitted via a discreet receiver collected as you enter the theatre. Audio Description within television programs is pre-recorded and made available on selected services online. Learn more about Vision Australia’s audio description service here.