Don't Eat the Whole Elephant

A wellbeing podcast series from Vision Australia

Trying to deal with vision loss can feel a bit like being asked to eat a whole elephant. Or at least that’s what one of the hosts of our wellbeing podcast, Cameron Algie, compares it to.

Cameron thinks that like eating an elephant, looking after your wellbeing with vision loss is best handled by breaking it down into a bunch of little chunks.

Join our range of hosts as they discuss their lived experience of vision loss, and the wellbeing topics that matter to them.

Seeing Eye Dog licking the side of his handler's face

On Don’t Eat the Whole Elephant you’ll hear discussions about mental health, problem solving, the changes that vision loss can bring to your life and a range of other topics focused on wellbeing.

Whether it’s simple steps to self-care or regaining your independence, this series promises to give you a place to think about and your wellbeing without the elephant.

Episode 1: Problem Solving, part 1 – Small Steps

Change is hard and also inevitable.

Courtney and Cameron talk about breaking down a problem and taking small steps in order to achieve goals, how to reach out and ask for help and taking time each day for a small pleasure activity.

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Episode 2: I’m Grumpy I Need to Exercise

Whether it be running five kilometres to walking around the block or dancing in the lounge to a favorite song, Nicholas and Jane believe in the mood enhancing effects exercise can bring.

Episode 3: Problem Solving, part 2 – Succeeding in Difficult Circumstances

What can be accomplished when there are so many challenges associated with vision loss? Courtney and Cameron discuss the importance of setting up systems and strategies to get around day-to-day challenges and support our wellbeing.

Episode 4: Identity - Sober and fine just vision impaired

Vildana thought she was doing a great job of hiding her low vision until she was asked to leave a venue for being drunk. She chats with Nicholas and Jane about the balancing act of claiming who you are when you lose your vision and being more than just someone with vision loss.

Episode 5: Sleep – When it’s not as easy as it sounds

Sleep is fundamental to our mental and physical wellbeing. But many people who are blind or have low vision experience chronic sleep problems (circadian rhythm disorder) leaving them chronically tired and feeling hopeless.

Stephen, Bruce and Susan discuss their lived experience with sleep issues as blind people, what its causes are, coping mechanisms and knowing you’re not alone and a cure for the future.

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