The Uncertainty Principle

Tuesday 6.00 pm, repeated Thursday 8.00 pm

“The Uncertainty Principle” is a program which explores all areas of Science.  Articles from ‘New Scientist’, ‘Scientific American’, ‘Australasian Science’, ‘Cosmos’ and the daily press (amongst others) are read.  The articles range across any and every topic including astronomy, physics, palaeontology, social science, biology and many others.  From time to time a scientist is interviewed, and previous topics include peregrine falcons, bio fuel, smoking and its effect on the body and cell death.

‘The Uncertainty Principle’ is named after Heisenberg’s famous dictum but the presenters also take the title to mean that the realm of science is always expanding, endlessly interesting and that no field of enquiry ever reaches an end.  The program is aimed at all listeners from working scientists to people who just like interesting ideas and news.

The Science Team:

The science team are a friendly bunch who like a joke and like to talk about the articles they have read on The Uncertainty Principle which goes to air on Tuesday at 6.00 pm, repeated Thursday at 8.00 pm.

Barry Leviny

Barry developed an interest in science at an early age and can remember reading of Archimedes’ famous bath and Galileo’s enquiring mind watching the lamp sway and developing the principle of the pendulum.  He went on to study mathematics, philosophy of science and computer science at tertiary level.

Barry started with Vision Australia Radio as a technical operator and has read on a variety of other programs including ‘Opinion Hour’, reading finance articles and articles from ‘Time magazine’.  He has a genuine interest and enthusiasm for science which can be heard by all in each program.

Simon Taylor

Simon first appeared on Vision Australia Radio speaking about the Y2K bug and how it affected the software industry and the community more widely.

Simon is a former member of the national committee of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science. His scientific interests include astronomy, physics and artificial intelligence.  He also has a passion for renewable energy, and once organised a forum on the subject hosted by Peter Meares.

Away from Vision Australia Radio Simon runs his own software company and his scientific interests are well grounded in practicalities.

Frank Mizzi

Frank first appeared on ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ speaking about his scientific passion, chemistry.  His love of that particular science goes back to a chemistry teacher at school who inspired him and who he is still in contact with.

Frank is the clown prince of the program, whose ready sense of humour and ‘Muttley’ laugh make him a pleasure to listen to.

Apart from his particular interest in chemistry, Frank follows current developments across the field and can often add comments on a particular topic from his wider reading.

Michelle Rule

Michelle has been with Vision Australia Radio for nearly 4 years, reading on a variety of programs including ‘Opinion Hour’ and even the sports program.  Even though she read sports, she is not anxious to pronounce the names of sub-continental cricketers again anytime soon!

Like many ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ listeners, she doesn’t have a scientific qualification but enjoys learning about science through the articles we read.  These articles are often targeted at an interested lay audience, and Michelle has read on topics as broad as robotic intelligence, the environment and palaeontology.

She has a lovely speaking voice, a warm personality and brings a female perspective to the program.

In other parts of her career, Michelle works in an organisation which cares for critically ill children.  More than most of us, she is aware that scientific advancement and ethics matter to real people rather than just being theoretical discussions.

Articles of interest from the science world, astronomy and more.